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Thoughts on Perfection and Reality

We all may have moments where we want to be "perfect" at times. We feel like we could have done better in a situation or said something to prompt a different outcome. Society continually presents us with unrealistic standards and images of what “perfection” looks like. It's important to remember that striving for perfection isn't always beneficial, as it can lead to a lot of stress and anxiety. At times like these, try and keep in mind that it's perfectly normal to make mistakes. Perfection isn't always the goal.

The journey matters just as much as the destination in life. It's okay to strive to be better, but not to the point of putting too much pressure on yourself. Perfection changes from day to day, and person to person. What you consider to be your best today may be different tomorrow, and that’s okay. I think we should always strive to be better, but don't let yourself get too caught up in what society tells us is perfect. Everybody's idea of perfect is not going to match yours and that's okay too.

It’s also important to take a step back and remember that it’s okay to make mistakes, and that perfection is not something that can or even should be strived for. We need to learn to accept ourselves and our mistakes and learn from them in order to become better people. So don’t be afraid to make mistakes and strive to be better, but don’t be too hard on yourself if the outcome is different than you expected. Give yourself grace in all that you do, because at the end of the day we are all only human. Just do your best and be proud of that.

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